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Spotlight on Journalist Nancy Alvarez: An Emblem of Journalism and Advocacy

Anchorwoman and journalist Nancy Alvarez with HAPBWA Foundation in Orlando on Fall Breakfast for women.

As the HAPBWA Foundation gears up for its esteemed "Magical Fall Breakfast for Women's Health" event scheduled for October 17, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on our distinguished guest speaker, journalist Nancy Alvarez.

Anchorwoman and journalist Nancy Alvarez with HAPBWA Foundation in Orlando on Fall Breakfast for women.

A trailblazer in the realm of journalism, journalist Nancy Alvarez stands as a beacon of bilingual journalism, seamlessly converging the English and Spanish narratives for over two decades. With an enviable portfolio of covering some of the most pivotal stories, both nationally and specifically in Central Florida, Nancy's voice has reverberated far and wide, touching hearts and shaping perspectives.

Embarking on her broadcast journalism voyage in Orlando in 2000, Nancy's dedication and relentless pursuit of truth have seen her tackle diverse subjects. Whether it was the devastating Pulse nightclub massacre or the numerous hurricanes that have threatened the peace of the Floridian landscape, Alvarez has been on the front lines, ensuring that stories get told with authenticity and empathy. Taking her commitment a notch higher, she became the first Central Florida reporter to visit Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, documenting the ravages and the monumental recovery efforts that followed.

Beyond her journalistic pursuits, Nancy is synonymous with community engagement. Her endeavors include hosting the annual Puerto Rican Day parade, facilitating political debates, and unwavering support to numerous non-profit organizations. Her association with the Heart of Florida United Way over the past year stands testimony to her commitment to community well-being. Furthermore, Nancy's collaborations span a plethora of civic and charitable organizations like the Foundation for Orange County Public Schools, Junior Achievement of Central Florida, Latino Leadership, Hope Partnership in Osceola County, the Hope CommUnity Center in Apopka, and the heartfelt Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation.

2021 marked a personal journey for Nancy that transformed into a universal message of hope and early detection. Diagnosed with breast cancer, Nancy chose to metamorphose her personal struggle into a beacon of awareness. Her earnest plea for the importance of early cancer screenings resonated with countless women, urging many to opt for mammograms, especially when the shadows of the pandemic had deterred many from regular health check-ups.

Born to Cuban immigrants, Nancy's roots trace back to South Florida. A proud alumnus of Florida Atlantic University, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication/Media Studies. While her origins lie in South Florida, she has lovingly embraced Central Florida as her home for over twenty years, sharing her life with her husband, their two children, and two cherished dogs.

As we look forward to hearing her insights and experiences at the upcoming event, Nancy Alvarez's journey reminds us of the power of perseverance, the essence of community, and the undying spirit of advocacy. Join us on October 17 to celebrate women's health, awareness, and the indomitable spirit of individuals like Nancy who make a difference every single day.

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