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The HAPBWA Foundation's Board of Directors is a diverse group of professional women from various generations, united in their mission to promote the development of Hispanic American women in Central Florida and beyond. With the help of the internet, their impact now extends worldwide.

Eva Pagan Hill - VP of HAPBWA's Foundation for Hispanic American and professional business women in Orlnado, FL
Zoraida Hernandez - Treasurer of HAPBWA Foundation for Hispanic American and professional business women in Orlando, FL
Nancy Shariffi - HAPBWA foundation for hispanic american professional and busines women
Rosa Ruiz Bunker -HAPBWA Foundation Board Swearing at Girl Scouts of Citrus Council 2023-2027 (53)
Mercedes Caballero - HAPBWA Foundation.jpg


Since we have encouraged and supported the advancement of youth, women, and marginalized communities by promoting their leadership skills, personal growth, and professional development.

Our new 2023-2027 board aims to do the same. 

Maritza Beltran- HAPBWA Foundation for hispanic american professional and business women.jpg
NANCY shariffi hapbwa foundation for hispanic women.jpg
MARIA Judith - HAPBWA Foundation for Hispanic Women.jpg

Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is composed by successful renowned women who advise and help our Board of Directors on important subjects and ideas.

HAPBWA Foundation  - Nonprofit organization for Hispanic Women in Orlando, FL  (37).png
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