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Impact Women: Deisamar De Soto-Torres, President of HAPBWA Foundation

Deisamar de Soto-Torres - HAPBWA Foundation

Deisamar De Soto, congratulations on being appointed as the new President of the HAPBWA Foundation. Can you share with us your vision for the organization during your tenure from 2023 to 2027?

The vision of the Board of Directors of the HAPBWA Foundation as it has been for the past 13 years since it was founded by women who had an excellent vision 26 years ago, is to help other women and the community to develop and grow in different aspects. Under my leadership, we will begin to educate women, youth, and girls, as well as the entities that require our assistance, in such a way that we continue to leave a legacy of excellent leaders who are capable of leading the positions that many of us lead today because we are not eternal.

The HAPBWA Foundation has been dedicated to helping Hispanic American businesswomen and professionals since 2010. What do you think have been the most significant achievements of the organization so far?

Give light, knowledge, and contacts that have allowed local women to advance in their personal and professional lives.

In recent years, we have seen an increase in awareness of racial and gender disparities in the workplace. How does the HAPBWA Foundation plan to address these issues and create a more inclusive environment for Hispanic-American women entrepreneurs?

Education eliminates barriers, education allows growth both as a person and as an individual, but also the modeling that we give as leaders will speak more than what we teach. So we will go to the places where it is necessary to speak through our modeling and we will teach others that we all need a helping hand regardless of race, color, politics, or religion.

How do you plan to leverage existing HAPBWA Foundation programs and initiatives to continue supporting the personal and professional growth of Hispanic American women entrepreneurs?

Creating business connections and strengthening those who have believed for years not only in our mission but also in the direction we are headed.

Mentoring has been recognized as a crucial factor in the success of professional women. How does the HAPBWA Foundation plan to facilitate meaningful mentoring opportunities for its members?

When we talk and educate those who are getting up when we shake hands regardless of the need and we lead them on the right path; when even without knowing how to do things, we connect with those who really know a particular topic firsthand, so we will mentor those around us.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a lasting impact on the global economy and workforce. What strategies does the HAPBWA Foundation have to help its members navigate the post-pandemic landscape?

Despite the fact that it has been three years since the pandemic, there are still people who have stayed in that stage and have not come out of it or have not gotten up and for that, we need to connect them with professionals that we know will be of benefit to them. the growth of your business at the same time, that we organize tables with themes that the business community as well as people who require knowledge of important issues so that this growth not only occurs but is also maintained.

Can you share any specific goals or objectives that you hope to achieve during your time as president of the HAPBWA Foundation?

Our objective is to serve and educate month after month according to what is presented along the way. We are experiencing moments of transitions in all areas, changes both in the private industry as well as in the government, and as an entity we have to move according to what is happening around us and be flexible in order to assist those around us in a way correct.

Collaboration with other organizations can be beneficial in furthering the mission of the HAPBWA Foundation. Are there any associations or alliances that you are particularly excited to pursue or strengthen during your tenure?

As always, it is excellent to connect with new faces, new entities while strengthening existing ones. Under this term, we will not close ourselves to anything or anyone and we will be ready for everything around us.

How do you plan to increase the visibility and reach of the HAPBWA Foundation to ensure that more Hispanic American businesswomen benefit from your resources and support?

To increase the visibility and reach of the HAPBWA Foundation in the community, we began by creating the website as well as the Foundation's social networks in such a way that the community understands the work that has been carried out since the creation of the Foundation a few years ago. 13 years. Observe that since everything was presented on a single website, the community did not visualize what work the Foundation did, what work is in charge of the Association and it was seen as a single organization when legally there are two and some of the goals are different.

Finally, what message would you like to share with the members of the HAPBWA Foundation and the Hispanic-American business community in general as you begin your term as president?

As a Foundation we are at a crucial moment in the world and we all need to unite to work for the good of the community as well as the strengthening of the economy so that by educating they can understand the foundation and walk in one direction, which is the personal and professional growth.

To learn more about Deisamar De Soto-Torres, please contact her at


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