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HAPBWA Foundation empowers women with a viewing of Barbie, the movie in Orlando


July 23, 2023

Barbie movie in Orlando with HAPBWA Foundation - Barbie fundraiser

The HAPBWA Foundation brought together 62 women of diverse ages, ranging from 11 to 77, for an extraordinary evening of laughter, tears, camaraderie, and empowerment on July 20, 2023 at Cinemark near International Drive. Sponsored by SENCU Construction and its CEO Cinthia Cuervo, the event featured a special viewing of the movie "Barbie" in benefit of the HAPBWA Foundation.

Embracing the spirit of the iconic doll, the attendees came dressed in a variety of "Barbie Pink" outfits. From glitter and fancy shoes to Barbie T-shirts, hats, and tennis shoes, the vibrant assembly of outfits sparked nostalgic memories of playing with Barbies, either as young girls or as mothers and grandmothers. CEOs, executives, and renowned women in the Central Florida community went full-on Barbie mode to honor femininity and the doll's history.

Before the movie started, Carilyn Eglee, Integral Image Coach and Founder of Mujeres Empoderadas En La Carretera (Empowered Women on the Road), delivered an inspiring speech, clad in a pink mechanic suit. Carilyn shared her childhood memories of playing with Barbies, illustrating how the doll's mantra, "You can be anything that you want to be," influenced her successful journey in the predominantly male field of auto mechanics. Her message resonated with the audience, demonstrating that empowerment and success are not defined by gender stereotypes.

The film brought to life Barbie's journey from self-criticism and perfectionism to self-acceptance, mirrored by Ken's personal evolution. It affirmed the importance of valuing every individual's thoughts and feelings and highlighted the belief that women's empowerment should not result in men's disenfranchisement or discrimination. A new way of feminism where real equality is the goal and in which our differences are celebrated and embraced.

Eva Pagán Hill, LMHC, and member of the HAPBWA Foundation (, eloquently encapsulated the event's takeaway: "We don't have to be perfect or fit any stereotype. We are all unique, deserving of self-love and respect. It's vital that we make an effort to listen, learn, and value each other – a sentiment echoed in Barbie's famous song, 'Get your sparkle on and show this world where you belong.'"

About HAPBWA Foundation ( )

The HAPBWA Foundation is a 501c3 committed to empowering women through education, networking opportunities, and promoting mental and physical health as well as building community and assisting those in need in Central Florida. With a variety of programs and events, HAPBWA Foundation strives to foster a community where Hispanic women can thrive personally and professionally.


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