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Summer is here!

For many students, the arrival of summer means the end of the school year, vacations, and fun; but for many parents or guardians, it is a cause for concern and indecision regarding where to responsibly leave their children while they work. Some parents may plan their work vacations to travel with their children and thus enrich their experiences with their families in a safe manner. However, there are many parents whose jobs or schedules do not allow this option, and this is where the concern begins.

During summer vacations, students tend to lose some of their study habits or previously acquired knowledge. That's why parents need to evaluate well in advance what is best to offer the student to improve or enrich their education; it's also an opportunity to explore extracurricular areas such as painting, music, dance, etc.

The best advice for parents seeking effective and well-supervised activities for their children is to ask for recommendations from their teachers and school counselors. To do this, it would be convenient to have a meeting with them long before classes end. For example: does the student need to improve in Mathematics or another subject? Or, would specific preparation for state exams be more beneficial? would it be important to practice or reinforce some skills considered weak to avoid difficulties in the next school year? etc. These recommendations should be considered by the student and their parents from middle school onwards, as this is when emphasis is placed on preparing for future study opportunities that will help the student in their future profession.

Remember that the first step is to research what the school offers or recommends, as well as asking your kids if they have other areas of interest. Sometimes schools have "camps" or "summer schools" that may include meals; these camps often take their children on local excursions or have presentations by important figures from their community. These camps also promote physical exercise, which is of great importance for young people. In high school, special education programs, "Magnets", and ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps) also offer summer camps for their students.

Additionally, in our local community, there are many options. Search online using keywords such as "Summer Camps in Orlando" or in the area that suits you. Coordinate with your friends or family, and take turns taking your children to summer programs to make it much easier and more enjoyable for everyone.


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