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Samantha Senf: From Maracaibo to Lake Nona, A Story of Passion and Art

This Thursday September 14, HAPBWA Foundation will be recognizing Samantha Senf from Samantha's Walls at the Hispanic Heritage event we are celebrating in CityArts. (Find your tickets here).

Samantha Senf from Samantha's Walls in Lake Nona with HAPBWA Foundation

Samantha Senf, originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, is a name that strongly resonates in the world of art, especially in the realm of large-format painting. Born to a German father and a Venezuelan mother, Samantha showed a special inclination and talent for the arts from a young age.

Her childhood, surrounded by a large, loving family, was a nurturing ground for her artistic passion. That phase of her life was not only fun but also enriching, as she always had the support and freedom to express her artistic skills without constraints.

Samantha Senf from Samantha's Walls in Lake Nona with HAPBWA Foundation

Samantha's academic years were also marked by art and excellence. She studied in Catholic schools and ultimately graduated Cum laude in Graphic Design. Simultaneously, she deepened her training in Visual Arts at a prestigious institution in Maracaibo.

Unsurprisingly, with her vast knowledge and skills, Samantha soon became a teacher at a renowned university. But her journey did not stop there. She worked for an important newspaper in her country, an experience she herself describes as a "great school", where she not only worked but also grew and developed professionally. Moreover, her love for imagery led her to establish a professional photography company.

Samantha Senf from Samantha's Walls in Lake Nona with HAPBWA Foundation

However, Samantha's life took a turn when she moved to the United States. Now a resident of the state of Florida, she has left her mark on the city of Lake Nona. Her works, which often occupy vast spaces like walls, buildings, and even trees, have filled this city with colors, life, and art. Her ability to work on gigantic formats is genuinely impressive, and her reputation has crossed borders, allowing her to work internationally.

Samantha Senf is a testament to talent, passion, and hard work. She proudly represents Latina women, showing that with dedication and effort, it is possible to reach great heights and make a difference in the world of art.


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