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Mommy And Me Summer: 12 Summer Activities To Empower Your Daughter & Bond With Her Through Education

Mommy and me summer activities - HAPBWA Foundation for women in Orlando, FL

Summer is the perfect time to strengthen the bond with your daughter while empowering her through educational and engaging activities. Central Florida offers a diverse range of experiences that combine self-esteem building, creativity, and STEM exploration. From visiting NASA's Kennedy Space Center to embarking on thrilling adventures at Nona Adventure Park, these activities will provide memorable moments of empowerment and bonding for a perfect mommy and me summer. Let's dive into the list of 12 activities that will make this summer extraordinary for both of you!

Visit NASA's Kennedy Space Center:

Embark on an unforgettable journey just an hour away from Orlando at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Witness the marvels of space exploration, engage with real-life astronauts, and explore interactive exhibits that inspire curiosity and a sense of wonder. Great for all ages from small children to college. Take a stroller if your kid gets tired walking.

Orlando Science Center & Other Museums:

Mommy and me summer activities - HAPBWA Foundation for women in Orlando, FL

Head to the Orlando Science Center, where your daughter can delve into the fascinating world of science through hands-on exhibits and engaging demonstrations. From exploring the human body to experimenting with physics, this center offers an array of educational opportunities. This museum is particularly interesting for toddlers and kids under 12 due to all the activities and interactive pieces thought for them.

Orlando has other museums that are just the right size and many have summer activities. If your child is into arts, maybe visiting the Orlando Museum of Arts, Menello Museum or City Arts Gallery can be a perfect option.

If they are into nature, drive to the amazing Leu Gardens with a sketchbook or some watercolors and visit while you paint the beautiful scenery and flowers or take pictures of it.

Adventure Parks & Animal Encounters for a Great Mommy And Me Summer:

Challenge yourselves with a visit to Nona Adventure Park, an outdoor destination offering water activities and thrilling climbing experiences. Build confidence as you conquer water obstacles, or climb the tower together. Doing something that can also be adventurous or challenging for you or where she feels she can help you is great for bonding as she will see your effort and trust in her. Great for teens and middle school kids.

Other activities outdoors can be animal encounters such as visiting farms. From Occala to Loxahatchee (near West Palm Beach), there are plenty of cool locations for you and your daughter to have an animal encounter with horses for example. We love Braveheart Farm in South FL.

But if you are looking for something more exotic and nearby, Gatorland will be interesting and impressive and allow your kid or teen to learn about these animals who live with us. Another great summer activity with animals if you have kids is the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford finishing off at their Splash Park for little ones or at the zip line if you have bigger ones. Animal Kingdom and Sea World are also great options for any age and at Sea World you can make it extra special by adding a dolphin encounter to mingle directly with them.

DIY Craft Projects:

Mommy and me summer activities - HAPBWA Foundation for women in Orlando, FL

Get creative and empower your daughter through DIY craft projects. From painting pottery to making jewelry or creating artwork with recycled materials, these activities foster self-expression and boost her confidence in her artistic abilities. Locations like Painting With A Twist in Orlando are great for this. If your kid is small, then Crayola Experience will be a better option.

Journaling and Reflection:

Encourage your daughter to keep a journal where she can express her thoughts, dreams, and goals. This activity promotes self-reflection, emotional intelligence, and self-esteem. Take the time to discuss her entries and provide guidance and support. Maybe do a joint vision board for her next school year. This can help you see what she wants and expects out of the school year.

Nature Walks and Outdoor Exploration:

Mommy and me summer activities - HAPBWA Foundation for women in Orlando, FL

Explore the beauty of nature by embarking on nature walks and outdoor adventures. Central Florida boasts stunning parks, nature reserves, and botanical gardens where you can observe wildlife, identify plants, and engage in conversations about environmental conservation. If you don't want to travel far, small natural parks such as Moss Park can be what you're looking for.

Culinary Experiences - Travel around the world without moving:

From a visit to Epcot enjoying different foods to dedicating 1 day of the week to a different culture on a mommy-and-me lunch or dinner where you both try new things and choose a restaurant of a different culture.

Visit The Girl Scouts Museum:

Girl Scouts of Citrus is the leading organization for girls in Central Florida. They now have a museum where you can see the history of their leaders and visionaries for local and global change, who have created incredible influence. The museum is small but full of history and a great way to get connected with this amazing organization.

Volunteer Work:

Instill a sense of empathy and community by engaging in volunteer work. Choose a cause that resonates with both of you, whether it's helping at a local animal shelter, assisting in a food bank, or participating in environmental cleanup activities. You can always sign up with us at HAPBWA Foundation.

Outdoor Yoga and Meditation:

Mommy and me summer activities - HAPBWA Foundation for women in Orlando, FL

Unwind and connect with your daughter through outdoor yoga and meditation sessions. Find a peaceful spot, embrace the serenity of nature, and guide her through gentle stretches and mindfulness exercises, fostering relaxation and inner strength. This can be done with online videos or actual classes at a studio. There are also plenty of free yoga activities at parks. Find out on your neighborhood page by asking.

Cooking and Baking Together:

Mommy and me summer activities - HAPBWA Foundation for women in Orlando, FL

Discover the joy of cooking and baking by involving your daughter in meal preparation. Teach her valuable skills, share family recipes, and encourage her to express her culinary creativity. Cooking together not only strengthens your bond but also instills independence and self-sufficiency.

Personal Development Workshops:

Seek out personal development workshops or seminars tailored for young girls. These programs focus on building self-esteem, fostering positive body image, promoting leadership skills, and encouraging healthy relationships. Participating in such workshops can empower your daughter with tools to navigate adolescence and beyond. From Orlando's Girl Scouts to a weekend experience at a place like non-profit farm Braveheart Farm a couple of hours away from Orlando where they give leadership skill workshops through horse encounters and can customize a 1 day experience for you.

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