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"El Taller de la Risa" shows women in Orlando mental wellness through laughter in Lake Nona

Last Saturday, the HAPBWA Foundation hosted a transformative event at the Lake Nona Performance Club, where almost 40 women came together to explore the power of laughter in enhancing their mental and physical well-being. The "Taller de la Risa" (Laughter Workshop) proved to be an uplifting and joyful experience, showcasing the profound impact of laughter on our health and overall quality of life.

Sponsored by YUJ Granola, Frutta Bowls of Hunters Creek, JMB, and Picadas Platters & Desserts, the event not only brought laughter but also treated attendees to delicious snacks, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and camaraderie.

The workshop featured an array of enlightening talks and activities aimed at highlighting the importance of laughter and its numerous benefits. Marlene Silva Rosabal, a Family and Couples Psychotherapist, shared her insights into how laughter can significantly improve mental health, physical well-being, productivity, and much more. Her expertise shed light on the therapeutic aspects of laughter, emphasizing its role in reducing stress and promoting a positive mindset.

Additionally, Marielba led a dynamic session with crafts and positive messages for all. Participants were encouraged to let go of inhibitions and embrace the joy of laughter and positive talk to yourself through arts and crafts.

As if that wasn't enough, attendees were treated to a side-splitting stand-up comedy and interactive activity by "Teatro for the Soul". Laughter filled the room as the comedian had the audience in stitches, proving that humor truly is a universal language that connects and uplifts us all.

The event also included a special recognition to Maritere, known as "madres en cuarentena" on social media, who was honored for her outstanding contributions in keeping people entertained and laughing throughout the pandemic and beyond. Her infectious humor provided a much-needed source of positivity during challenging times. Although Maritere couldn't be present in person on the day of the event, she is set to meet with the foundation's President on another occasion, ensuring her remarkable efforts don't go unnoticed.

In a world often filled with stress and challenges, the Taller de la Risa served as a refreshing reminder that laughter is a powerful tool for maintaining mental and physical wellness. The event provided a welcoming and supportive environment for women to come together, share laughter, and discover the incredible benefits it offers. Thanks to the HAPBWA Foundation and their sponsors, this laughter-filled gathering left a lasting impact, reminding us all to prioritize joy and humor in our lives for a healthier and happier tomorrow.


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